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Foilboard Insulation Systems in Melbourne

Foilboard Insulation Systems is one of the leading insulation manufacturer in Australia who manufactures smart, energy saving, sustainable and affordable residential and commercial insulation products. Foilboard® is a versatile rigid insulated panel which is fully certified by Standards Australia.

Foilboard offers range of products are made with reflective foil insulation panels and fire-resistant insulated board, which can be used in ceiling, wall and underfloor for both residential and commercial application. Foilboard is well well-matched many more insulation applications with its slimline design and superior thermal reflective performance due to its FR-EPS (Fire Retardant Expanded PolyStyrene) core with dual laminated aluminium surfaces.

How does the Foilboard Insulation work?

Foil insulation is one of the most efficient and effective way to enhance the thermal performance of a residential or commercial building as the Foilboard Insulation panels are designed to maintain a balanced temperature all year round without getting too hot in summer and too cold in winter.

When the Foilboard Insulation panels installed correctly, they create a barrier between inside the property and the exterior environment. As the Foilboard insulation works using the basic laws of heat transmission, on a hot day, Foildboard insulation panels will reflect the heat back to outside and away from the building to avoid it getting hotter.

Benefits of Foilboard Insulation

Foilboard Insulation offers greater benefits once installed appropriately as follows

  • Increase the thermal efficiency, which results in increasing the comfort level of your dwelling.
  • Reduce the usage of heating and cooling units, which results in reducing the impact towards the environment.
  • Save more money on the energy bills due to the reduced usage of heating and cooling equipment.
  • Increase the sound diminishing levels in a building.

Foilboard Insulation products in Melbourne

At Insulation Batt Store, we supply range of insulation products as follows at a discounted price in Mebourne

  • Standard 10
  • Super 15
  • Cathedral 20
  • Excel 30
  • Superior 40
  • Ultimate 50