Polyester Solutions Insulation in Melbourne

Polyester Solution is a dedicated insulation manufacturer in Australia with over 50 years of combined experience in insulation industry and products development. They are committed in manufacturing insulation systems with noise control and thermal values, which are sustainable and using reduced energy. Polyester Solutions insulation products are made using 100% polyester fibres with high recycled content. They are not using any chemical binders or adhesives with the associated environmental issues.

Polyester Solutions Insulation Batts

Polyester Solutions offer range of insulation products as acoustic batts, thermal batts, commercial and industrial batts and commercial batts. Polyester Solutions Acoustic batts range at Insulation Batt Store offers superior acoustic (sound screening) benefits together with the thermal properties to make your living space more comfortable. They dramatically minimise the unwanted noise transfer through walls and between the floors to create a peaceful and quiet environment.

Polyester Solutions thermal batts range is in premium quality helps to keep your dwelling warm in winter and cool in summer while acting as a sound barrier to the undesirable noise. These insulation batts are odourless, lightweight, non-irritant, non-toxic, non-allergenic and easy-to-install. Additionally they are durable, with high R-values and resistance to pest infestations. Polyester Solutions has a large range of commercial/industrial insulation batts for factories, office blocks, high rise buildings/apartments, warehouses, theatres, studios, schools, hospitals and many more.