Ceiling Insulation Batts

As the warm air rises higher in a house atmosphere, the heat flows from inside dwelling to outside through the ceiling during winter. Moreover, as roof spaces may become exceedingly hot during the summer, heat flows from the roof space down into the dwelling. So it is proved that over 25% of the heat flows through the roof in an uninsulated home, which will make dwellers uncomfortable consequently.

Ceiling insulation is particularly effective in limiting heat flow to offer an energy efficient home for the dwellers. It will significantly help to manage the energy consumption while making your home more comfortable and reducing your heating and cooling cost approximately 40%-45%.

Buy Ceiling Insulation Batts from Insulation Batt Store in Melbourne

There are many ceiling insulation types in the market and obviously, you want to buy the best for your home. All the ceiling insulation products selling at Insulation Batt Store in Melbourne are made from recycled glass and 100% polyester to be environment-friendly. Also, they all are formaldehyde-free, super soft, less itchy and easy to handle and install. Our exceptional quality glasswool ceiling insulation batts are effective to offer high performance, low allergenic, non-combustible, moisture-resistant, resilient and durable for the lifetime of your home. Our roof insulation batts come in pre-cut rectangles at 430mm and 580mm widths to go well with most ceiling joist centers.

How to choose ceiling insulation batts correctly

Before choosing better insulation batts for your roof, you need to follow below steps to find the number of packs you need to buy.

  • Determine the width of the required insulation batts by measuring the distances between all ceiling joists of your roof. This distance will depict the width of ceiling batts as 430mm or 580mm.
  • Determine the required R-value. In general, higher R-value offers better insulation performances.
  • Measure the area you need to insulate approximately and calculate the area in square roots. (m2)
  • Get the coverage per pack you are after, then divide the area you calculated by the coverage per pack. Round up the answer and you will get the number of packs you need to buy.

At Insulation Batt Store, we are committed to assist you without any condition to all your insulation related queries. If you are still unable to decide what insulation product would you buy for your ceiling, call us on 03 7019 7527 or email us via [email protected] , we will help you to get the best.