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Bradford Soundscreen Acoustic Insulation in Melbourne

Installing Bradford Soundscreen Acoustic insulation can reduce 75% of noise transfer effectively, inside your house, between rooms, subfloors and through external walls to make the dwelling quieter and more peaceful.

CSR Bradford Soundscreen Acoustic insulation comes with significant soundproofing properties to reduce the massive amount of unwanted noise which enters to the home from outside environment and noises transmitted between rooms such as home theatres, bedrooms, ensuites and laundries within the home.

Bradford Acoustic Insulation R-Values and Thicknesses

At Insulation Batt Store, we sell Bradford acoustic insulation in 430mm and 580mm widths with the following R values and thicknesses at discounted price in Melbourne.

R1.7 Soundscreen™ Acoustic Insulation 24kg/m3 Batts – 60mm thick – Reduce sound transfer by up to 50 per cent
R2.0 Soundscreen™ Acoustic Insulation 25.7kg/m3 Batts – 70mm thick – Reduce sound transfer by up to 70 per cent
R2.5 Soundscreen™ Acoustic Insulation 24kg/m3 Batts – 88mm thick – Reduce sound transfer by up to 75 per cent
R3.1 Soundscreen™ Acoustic Insulation 24kg/m3 Batts – 110mm thick – Reduce sound transfer by up to 85 per cent

Australian made Bradford Acoustic Insulation batts in Melbourne

Bradford Soundscreen Acoustic Insulation batts which are supplied by Insulation Batt Store are comply the highest Australian insulation standards and accompanied with 70 year warranty when installed appropriately. These environmentally sustainable Bradford acoustic batts are low allergen, safe for asthma sufferers and non-combustible.

Call Insulation Batt Store for all your Bradford Soundscreen Acoustic insulation requirements or order online to get delivered in no time.

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R1.7, R2.0, R2.5, R3.1


430mm, 580mm


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