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Polyester Solution Thermal Batts-Ceiling Insulation




Polyester Solution Thermal Ceiling Insulation Batts

Polyester Solution ceiling insulation is safe, non-toxic and odourless which helps to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer by acting as a thermal barrier to the heat transfer via your ceiling. This non-irritant and non-allergenic Polyester Solution ceiling insulation are made of non-hazardous recycled polyester fibres which are thermally bonded and manufactured to comply with AS/NZ 4859.1

To maximise the environmental and Health benefits, Polyester Solution ceiling insulation products have no Formaldehyde contents, Phenol contents, Ammonia contents, Chloride contents, Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP) and no harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s).

Polyester Solution Ceiling Insulation R-Values and Thicknesses

Polyester Solution ceiling insulation batts are available in a range of R-values to offer a thermally comfortable atmosphere to the dwellers. At Insulation Batt Store, Polyester Solutions ceiling insulation is available in 430mm and 580mm widths with the following R values and thicknesses at discounted prices in Melbourne and each Batt is 1164mm long.

R2.5 Polyester Solution Ceiling Insulation Batts – 165mm thick
R3.0 Polyester Solution Ceiling Insulation Batts – 185mm thick
R3.5 Polyester Solution Ceiling Insulation Batts – 200mm thick
R4.0 Polyester Solution Ceiling Insulation Batts – 240mm thick

Installing Polyester Solution Ceiling Insulation in Melbourne

This light in weight, non-allergenic, soft to handle and itch-free Polyester Solution Ceiling insulation can be easily installed without extra hassle of gloves, dust masks, boiler suits or any other specialised equipment. They can be easily torn or cut with a pair of industrial scissors or shears and off cuts can be used to fill corners crevices and gaps, eliminating any waste.

When installing these Polyester Solution ceiling insulation batts can be laid on top of the ceiling between ceiling joists. A 50mm gap should be allowed around incandescent lamps and exhaust fans, 100mm around flue pipes and 200mm around recessed halogen downlights.

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R3.0, R3.5, R4.0


430mm, 580mm


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